Your Brand Is An Expression Of What You Do, Not What You Say
If I'm any indication of the general tone of the marketing and branding conversation as a whole, there has been[...]
7 Channels for Building Your Personal Brand
Bringing more revenue to the table is a pressing problem for each and every business out there. Companies and solopreneurs[...]
Brand, Align, Influence and Position
Branding is so important in today’s business world, no matter what you do. Creating a brand explains who you are[...]
Gwen Stefani’s $100 Million Body Language Lesson For Entrepreneurs
Gwen Stefani is one of the most recognized performers of my generation.  Her music, stunning looks and cool personal branding made her[...]
How To Use Free Stock Photos Without Damaging Your Brand
“A picture is worth a thousand words.” This old saying originated in the USA around the early 20th century. However,[...]
How to Start a Podcast That Will Attract More Clients…The Easy Way
Getting noticed is becoming increasing difficult in the competitive markets of today. In years past, a blog might set you[...]
5 Ways To Stand Out in Business and Be Remembered
Most entrepreneurs at least think about how to stand out in business...particularly in their specific market. According to a study[...]
Get Local Media Coverage For Clients (Or Even For Yourself)
As a marketing consultant, you likely focus on social media, SEO and email campaigns. But do ever think about how[...]
How To Get Published on Entrepreneur
At some point in your professional life, you've probably wondered how to become a contributor for Forbes Magazine. Or maybe Inc, Fast[...]
Every Online Influencer Does These 7 Things Different Than You
We all make mistakes in life and in business.  Even a top online influencer. Later in this post, I'll share[...]
How To Create A Cool Personal Brand
You’ve found How to Create a Cool Personal Brand, 2nd Edition. This post is broken up into the following sections:[...]
Howard Stern Branding Genius…Or Just a Pervert?
Image credit: If there is one thing that you can learn from artists and savvy businessmen, it's that you[...]
7 Steps to Becoming a Leader in Your Market
Whether you're a one-person consulting business or a 250-person manufacturing operation, you've spent years developing the knowledge that made your[...]
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