3 Ways To Master Personal Branding For Your Business

Personal branding is not passé; it’s the present that governs the rule: if you know self-marketing you will only nudge up the business ladder of success.

And while you may have a perception of personal branding as being subtly self-promotional, for the better usage of the word, it is voicing your existence in your business realm with a focus on helping your ecosystem with your set of qualified thoughts.

Your business needs a voice that is [positively] loud and heavy in its value and intent. However, truth be told, businesses need to still master the workable personal branding hacks and rise above the verbiage that breeds in around the ‘pompousness’, ‘commercially-driven’ and ‘short-lived’ version of personal branding.

So here are 3 powerful ways in which you can master your personal branding approach for your business

1. Carve a personal branding communications plan.

Your business is a reflection of your persona, values and cultural DNA that is embedded with your ‘personal punch’ of doing business with customers. So trace the origins of your brand’s core and carve out a communications plan that lays out your mission, purpose, business and people goals. As mentioned in the book, Simply Better by Patrick Barwise and Sean Meehan, the best way would be to break your plan into semi-structured stages of your business objectives just like the Stephen king’s way at J.Walter Thompson more than thirty years ago.

Stephen King’s 5 questions are:

  • Where are we now?
  • Why are we here?
  • Where could we be?
  • How can we get there?
  • Are we getting there?

These questions will give you a perspective of being more customer-focused and bring out the best melding of inward-looking questions balanced by outside-the-box thinking for your business that is in alignment with your customers’ perception of your brand.

2. Be your industry’s knowledge repository.

Have a content edge over your competitors. The only thing that will never die is stellar and ridiculously useful content. Every form of content has its own platform to communicate with your target audience. However what will differ will be how much ‘simply’ better will be your content over sophistication. As Gary Vaynerchuk rightly says, document, don’t create, you need to consistently show up with your brand narrative that is weaved in with your own personal story and market insights, and ‘show up’ every time. That said, your knowledge should define your communication medium and the best way to reach your audience. But do still have your business blog where you talk ‘all-things-value’, marrying your personal brand with your business and growth.

3. Focus on growth that is predicated on a sound value system.

Your personal branding should be entrenched in your company value system and culture. When you focus on being responsive to market trends and developments, your business will not just grow but also thrive with your defining values. And ultimately your growth focus will not just entail making profits or earning market share; it will be your ‘agile approach’ of doing business in a conscientious way.

While mastering is a never-ending game, but you can definitely become your brand’s better version by focusing on the above 3 essentials.

Over to you.

How are you mastering your personal branding hacks – for yourself and your business?




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