6 Incredibly Useful Lead Gen & Sales Tools

Due to the rapid rise in the execution of online marketing and sales. it has become more difficult(and competitive) to acquire more user or close more deals. This is a list of 5 useful tools that will help you at various steps of the sales process, from generating leads to closing the sale. All the tools mentioned are effective in how they work, plus has a free trial to check if it suits your company’s need.

1) Sumo –

Sumo is a set of easy and fast to setup tools including email capture. There are 7 different quality pop-up options you can select from. The other tools include welcome mat, share buttons, and smart bar. The best thing is, it integrates with all major(and then some) email services.

They have a very informative blog.

2) KeywordSonar –

KeywordSonar automates your search for new leads on social media. Know how business developers check facebook group posts to find potential customer/user, this tool asks for your keyword and emails you every time the keyword is mentioned in your groups. Magic!

They are working on integrating other social media channels, ultimately automating lead generation from each and every social network.

3) FindThatEmail –

As they call themselves, they are the yellow pages of email. Find that email applies data-analytics and cross-checks to find an email address for your given person name and company name. Not only that, it helps you verify a list of emails. Their chrome extension allows you to find prospects instantly right from your browser on social platforms or company website. They assure 90% delivery rate with 100M+ verified emails.

4) MailShake –

MailShake is an outreach tool that helps you with generating leads, building relationships, and promoting content. One of the reasons for using MailShake is the clean and easy-t-use UI. Their library of pre-written emails makes it easy for you to get started.

IT also lets you view statistics on how your emails are doing. See the recent activity or view any recipient to get the history of sent emails and replies you’ve received.

5) Snitcher

Snitcher analyses your traffic in real-time to identify which companies are visiting your website, and what they are doing on there. Not only they provide a dashboard to analyze the data, they also let you export your data to any of the 500+ integrations.

Two of their unique features includes powerful filtering and action-based segmentation of lead & real-time handling of leads as a team.

6) SalesHandy

SalesHandy is a SaaS-based email outreach tool that increases the productivity of your email campaign. You can connect with your prospect more smartly and generate more leads. This productivity tool comes up with features like Mail Merge Campaigns, Auto Follow Up, Email Tracking and Scheduling, etc.

Along with that, the tool has extraordinary features like Link Tracking, Document Tracking as well as detailed analytics.

Let us know your favorite tools in the comments!

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