6 Step Checklist To Grow Your Small Business Without Breaking The Bank

“If you already have clients, is branding your business a waste of time?”

I saw this question in a Facebook group and it made me sad. In short, the answer is no way!

Sure, branding can be a waste of time if it is not executed properly or you faff around redesigning your website twenty times. Do it right and branding will open your business up to enhanced customer retention, generate new leads and help take business to the next level.

In my opinion, a brand is the all encompassing characteristics and execution of your business. So things like your online/offline presence, customer service and overall reputation. How you answer the telephone and treat your customers is still part of the ‘branding’ process.

Having an amazing brand (and reputation!) enables you to attract new projects, higher ticket clients thus grow the business much easier than plodding along without any clear strategy.

If you are the decision maker in your business then you’re in a beautifully fortunate place to make a difference to create and grow your company’s brand.

Let’s keep things real simple.

Simplicity is key for me when talking brand reputation. Yes we can go ALL in on branding your company, but here are my favourite tips to easily grow your brand reputation and attract new leads or grow your business.

1. Boost your credibility

Mentions in the media will help build your brand reputation. Provide your expert comment on news stories relating to your business and your clients industry. Write how-to articles that showcase your expertise to your ideal clients.

Once you get featured, be sure to leverage the opportunity and shout about it everywhere to attract even more juicy media and even speaking gigs.

2. Have your ideal client in mind

All of your branding should represent your business but it should also resonate and speak directly to those you want to serve. Your ideal clients.

Use language that speaks to them, show them how to connect or work with you, and get that brand personality across.

3. Update your social media images 

Social media cover images are a great opportunity to show the viewer of your personal profile or business page who you are and what you do. You can even use the space for special offers or ask visitors to get in touch with you.

Personally I use mine as a quick introduction. I add a recent photo, what I do and an ‘as featured in’ so people can see I practice what I preach when it comes to media coverage.

4. Online consistency

Update all your social media profile pictures to the same image. This helps with brand recognition so if someone finds you on LinkedIn, they’ll think “ah great, I like their Facebook page, I’ll like them here too”.

Side note: use pictures, not logos. People want to see the people behind the brand and who they are following.

5. Remember your website

Branding isn’t just about logos and a fancy website, but a well thought out online home will no doubt attract new leads and show your ideal clients YOU are the person for them.

Bonus points for adding a ‘as featured in’ media logo strip to your homepage and having a press page to show off how awesome you are.

6. Nail your brand personality

Once you have your brand personality and archetypes in mind, it just makes everything easier. You’ll be able to pull out how you communicate with your customers and be able to attract new clients. Your brand values become portrayed in the best way possible that resonates with your audience thus growing your following and client base.

Once you know who your ideal client is and how you can get in front of them using the media everything about business becomes easier.


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