7 Free Strategies Two Brothers Used to Build a Six Figure Marketing Company

RODA marketing is a nationally recognized Internet marketing company founded and led by two brothers, Matt and Adam Roda.  Raised by parents who taught them to give every job, no matter how big or small, their all, they have been putting a lot of their time, effort, and energy into building a small, yet highly dedicated and efficient team that is based in beautiful Lancaster, PA.

Today, as a group of seasoned consultants, they work together with their clients to build and implement well thought out Internet Marketing strategies that include SEO, social media, blogging, infographics and more, to help businesses get more customers.

While it’s not their personal story that really matters but the success story they help their clients create – what also matters are the principals that made it all possible.

7 Strategies These Two Brothers Used to Build a Six-Figure Marketing Company

  1. Focused On Quality, Not Quantity

Matt and Adam have been in business for over 7 years.  For one of those years, they put most of their effort into getting more clients. That year was their most unproductive year.

During the other six years of conducting business, they refocused and started paying the most attention to delivering a superior service to their current clients.  For those six years, new clients naturally gravitated towards them and their customer base grew annually.

Quantity technically brings more dollars, yet they are driven by much more than profits, which is why they are not constantly looking for more and more clients.  Instead, they are looking for the right clients because they believe it’s all about creating a partnership for success.

When you focus on quality, rather than quantity, true growth happens.


  1. Focused On Relationships AND Results

It’s about the quality of overall experience and service they provide, so what sets them apart from many other companies is that they form real partnerships with their clients, as well as getting the job done well.

They treat clients like family, because family values and ethics are extremely important to them.  With that principle always in mind, they are dedicated to offering a quality service their clients deserve.

And from the moment you join their family – both companies will embark on a professional journey of collaboration paired with progress.

Jim Rohn said, “the way to enjoy life best is to wrap up one goal and start right on the next one. Don’t linger too long at the table of success, the only way to enjoy another meal is to get hungry.”


  1. Focused On Getting Referrals

Their goal is to start building trust and lasting relationships from day one, and they even give their potential clients access to their existing clients, so they can speak with them directly before making their own decision.

Instead of focusing on how to beat the competition, Matt and Adam passionately work to keep their clients satisfied and to get referrals.  Competing with others makes no sense to them because it takes them out of their authentic zone.


  1. Focused On Each Other’s Strengths, Not Weaknesses

As two teenage brothers, they used to fight, and call each other out on their foolishness or mischief.  Now, as adults, with one goal in front of them – to work as a coherent team in service of others and for the higher good of their families and their clients – they are more and more focused on each other’s strengths, and not their weaknesses.

Which means no blame; no acting outside of integrity; no games.  As leaders, they own their responsibilities, as well as their missteps.  They also acknowledge and appreciate each other’s talent and growth, and celebrate smaller and larger accomplishments.

Another thing that they keep focusing on is expanding their knowledge and skills because they want to be the best at what they do, which means they never stop learning, improving and honing skills.


  1. Focused On Annual Goals and Tracking Progress

“While a fixation on results is certainly unhealthy, short-term goals can be useful developmental tools if they are balanced within a nurturing long-term philosophy.” – Josh Waitzkin.

Matt and Adam believe that the most motivating goals need to be clearly defined and time-bound, and their annual goals are linked to their vision and philosophy.  The bigger picture for them is that there is no ceiling and there is no floor.  They set goals, keep their progress tracked, and keep adjusting as they go to make it happen, with their goals challenging them to be someone more than they currently are.


  1. Focused On Client Retention

Client retention for them means continuous delivery of value, starting with the first contact a client has with their company and lasting throughout the lifetime of the relationship.

They understand that their clients have many choices – so they make sure that they engage with them throughout the year and provide exceptional value, demonstrating their commitment, expertise, and appreciation.

The key is consistency – because great work, that is consistent, is quite rare, and non-replicable.


  1. Focused On Doing What They Said They Would

Finally, progress happens when people are passionate, confident, and focused on working and delivering to high standards.  Matt and Adam are transparent in their work, and they keep their promises.

Even when things don’t go smoothly, and they feel under pressure, they keep focused on their client’s success.

Resilience and dedication is what’s taken them to where they are – success and sense of pride.  They started seven years ago before they knew as much as they do now, before they had all the answers.

The only permission they needed was the voice inside prompting them to move forward – and they moved towards living their dreams.


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