Accelerate Trustworthiness By Arriving Uniquely

Imagine for a moment, your trustworthiness was so developed that new prospects ring you up or show up on your doorstep eager to do business with you! Instead of a skeptical smirk and the proverbial crossed-arms however; the prospect has a warm smile and accepts you as a familiar friend. What would it do for your confidence and ability to close sales if all of your prospects greeted you this way?

This feeling is easier to achieve than you might imagine, and most folks are just a whisper away from having this power.

The One Thing You Can Do Right Now

If you are like most business owners I consult, you already do well at converting new business at a meeting. Two common mistakes I see before the sales appointment even happens is as follows:

Not compelling the prospect enough to increase show-up rate to meeting

  1. Not compelling the prospect enough to increase show-up rate to meeting
  2. Not warming up the prospect before the appointment

You have an opportunity to increase meeting show-up rate by engaging early and often to build trustworthiness.

There is one simple sequence you can setup one-time and benefit from forever. To avoid no shows and uninformed prospects, you can setup a Trust-Building Pre-Indoctrination Sequence.

What This Does For You

By starting Trust-Building immediately, you can effortlessly engage your prospect, by allowing the robots to do the heavy lifting for you.

A warm welcome provides immediate gratification that instantly raises your status above your competition.

Properly done, your prospect can be philosophically aligned with your methods and impressed with your capabilities and accomplishments before even meeting you.

Sound like a ‘Shock and Awe’ package? This takes it even further. I’ll share the steps:

 Step 1: Setup Your ‘Shock and Awe’ Package

You’re probably already wisely sending a ‘Shock and Awe’ Package before your meeting. Now, you can begin making an impression before they even receive your package.

I have found great success by sending a Video Email to the prospect announcing the package being sent to them right after I hang up the phone. I specifically use for 2 big reasons that I’ll explain in a moment.

The video email allows me to warm the prospect up with an introduction. In fact, I’ll begin the video by saying “It was terrific speaking with you, and I wanted to send you this video email so you can put a face to my name”. Occasionally, I will include my pets for a personal touch.

Then, in the video, I’ll hold up a package and say “As promised, here’s the package I’m sending to you today. Watch for it on your doorstep and kindly review it before our meeting. Write down any questions you may have so we can discuss them when we get together….”

This video email is recorded ONCE (Evergreen), yet worded to appear personal. I have found this to be a terrific icebreaker, arriving in a fresh, unique way, and allowing more personality in my marketing.

Step 2: What To Do To Assure The Best Sales Appointment

Just before your appointment, the best way to assure you’re a welcomed guest is to be sure your prospect consumes your materials! Remember, your package is supposed to do the heavy lifting.

In my sequence, I send an “Appointment Reminder” video. I film mine in a very casual tone, even riding a bike to inject more personality.

In this video, I remind them “…I’m looking forward to our meeting, and wanted to be sure you received the (Fedex) I sent you. Be sure to review it so we can focus on your needs when we get together.”

Again, I’ll remind them to write down any questions they have, and tell them to call me if they didn’t receive the materials. This way, I can choose to reschedule the appointment if necessary.

BONUS: Business Building Tactics

Video emails are killer for so many things besides building trust for appointments. These videos can be “talking head”, PowerPoint screen capture, or any kind of video. Here is a short list:

  • Deliver content-snippets for multi-step sequences
  • Congratulate new buyers for stick
  • Personality and Bonding
  • Referral-inducing videos
  • Surveys
  • New product or service announcement

Two Hidden Benefits

I have investigated many choices for video email providers, but there are 2 hidden benefits of that are unique:

1) Easily embed videos on your website without programming or hassles!

zv2) You can make a clickable link appear on any video. Yes, this also works on the videos you embed anywhere! This allows you to direct the viewer anywhere you want their focus. (HINT: This doubles as video hosting because it is powered by Wistia, so you’re getting double-value)

Even in today’s high-tech age, few know or apply these secrets. That is why you’ll get compliments, and most of all, NOTICED! Stand out from your competitors today!


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