How To Use Advanced Facebook Advertising Techniques To Amplify Your Message

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I did a Facebook Live a couple months ago about how to use Facebook advertising to amplify your brand and hold a conversation with your audience —

And the post has continued to get a lot of really positive feedback…

So I’m posting it on the blog because I think you’ll get tons of value out of it.

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Should I Watch This Video?

This Facebook Live is specifically for people who are interested in using digital advertising to amplify their brand or to hold a conversation with an audience.

I’m going to show you how we’re using Facebook advertising and different landing pages in a marketing funnel to do this very effectively…

Specifically, how we’re using video ads to broadcast a message to our audience, and how we’re using different retargeting techniques to follow up with them afterward.

NOTE: You don’t have to be selling anything to benefit from this content — this is about communicating a message to an audience, whether that message is associated with a product, a cause, etc. I’m currently using this exact strategy to help a charity I’m associated with, and it’s working extremely well.

How Does Messaging Fit Into My Ad Campaign?

This is how I look at advertising: I start with our goal. What is the response I’m trying to elicit from this campaign? An opt-in? A download? A donation?

Once I decide on that, I look at my audience: Who is this campaign directed towards? How am I choosing between different traffic sources, devices, demographics, and consumer data points to isolate the group of people to which this campaign is most relevant.

Then based on that, we decide what our message is going to be. And that is what this Facebook Live is about: the creative of your ad campaigns. In particular, how I’m using video in the creative at the top of my funnel, and the different types of creative I’m using in my retargeting.

Why Am I Using Video?

If you’ve interacted with my brand at all, you probably know that I love video.

It’s my preferred method of communication with my community, because I’ve always felt it is the most engaging.

It’s also a great medium for tracking engagement, because you can tell how much of your content the prospect has consumed.

(Tracking the amount of content consumed is important for dynamic re-marketing with different kinds of content, as you will see in this video.)

What Else To Expect in This Video:

While the video focuses on how to communicate throughout your funnel using Facebook advertising, I also share the tactics and strategies that are proving most effective in ecommerce right now.

I’m going to show you:

• Our Direct Response Advertising Roadmap
• How to Engage Audiences in a Conversation
• My Facebook Video Ads Sales Funnel

And the newest tactics and tools we’re using, like:

• Square Videos
• Facebook Collection Ads
• Our New Mobile Friendly Theme (That Increased Mobile Conversions by 100%)
• Shopify’s #1 Landing Page Builder for Ecommerce
• Shopify’s Only One Click, Post-Purchase Upsell Tool
• Pre-Purchase Order Bumps
• New Promo Landing Page Templates

And to wrap up this Facebook Live, I do a Q&A with the amazing group of marketers that joined me live for this broadcast.

If you’re interested in learning how to better communicate with an audience through digital advertising…

Then don’t miss this video.

And if you want more in-depth training in how I’m using this video ads strategy to grow my ecommerce business…

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Video Highlights:
1:50 Direct Response Advertising Roadmap
2:40 How to engage your audience in a conversation
4:25 Creative: the message we are putting in front of our audience\
4:45 Video: my favorite form of creative
5:55 Multi-touchpoint marketing 
6:40 Dynamic Re-marketing
8:15 My Facebook video ads sales funnel
10:05 We started testing square videos
12:00 Results of square video ad campaigns
12:45 New: Facebook collection ads
15:50 Why am I not using video ads in my remarketing?
17:40 Zipify Pages: Shopify’s #1 Landing Page Builder for Ecommerce
21:05 Your site has to be mobile-friendly 
23:20 Breakdown of mobile theme changes
25:55 Performance of new mobile theme test
27:30 How does our new theme do with cold traffic?
31:15 The #1 skillset you want in life
33:15 OneClickUpsell: Shopify’s only one click, post-purchase upsell tool
39:45 Pre-purchase order bumps 
41:45 New Mother’s Day Sale and Spring Sale templates
44:50 3-part video training on Facebook video ads
45:10 Q&A

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