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Author, Entrepreneur and Business Trainer Dr. Cali Estes Hits Four Amazon Best-Seller Lists with “The 7 Key Principles to Tap into the Wealth Inside You“

Author, Entrepreneur and Business Trainer Dr. Cali Estes‘s recent release, The 7 Key Principles to Tap into the Wealth Inside You: How to Unpause Your Life and Make Success a Reality hit Amazon.com’s bestseller list on March 13, 2020, climbing all the way to number one in the Business Ethics, the Auctions and Small Business, the Financial Accounting, and the Home-Based Small Business Sales and Selling categories.


Like you, Cali Estes wanted MORE from life. More time, more freedom and more enjoyment. At 28 she started a fitness company that hit 4.1 million in sales in under 3 years and she lost it all in the 2008 crash. She was living in a house with no running water, no heat in winter and she wanted to start over. Her quest to rebuild led her down a path of helping others to get more out of life.

She dug deep inside her herself and had to squash her limiting beliefs of childhood that she wasn’t good enough or couldn’t do it and pick herself up. She created her path and has been showing her clients how to obtain more freedom, more income, and more inner peace. Her 7 Keys system will leave you with actionable steps that you can take to change your life RIGHT NOW and get moving on your goals and dreams. Look for the BONUS in the book that is chock full of nuggets of wisdom for the beginner or the seasoned person that simply wants to “Unpause Your Life.”

In response to the book hitting number one and ranking in many other categories across Amazon, Estes stated, “I’m excited to get this powerful information out to those who can use it to quickly get unstuck and find success in so many different areas in their life, it can be a total game-changer.”

With the recent popularity around Success and Entrepreneurship in the media, mainstream and social, the subject matter covered in The 7 Key Principles to Tap into the Wealth Inside You is a hot topic and a must-read for new and seasoned Entrepreneurs.


Dr. Cali Estes, Ph.D., ICADC, MCAP, MAC CPT, CYT #1 Best Selling Author plus a highly sought after Celebrity Coach, Counselor, Life Coach, Recovery Coach, and Wellness Guru that blends talk therapy with forward and positive change to assist her clients in unlocking their true potential. She gets to the root cause of the issues you are experiencing and helps you simply “Unpause Your Life.”

After big purchases to ‘invest in herself,’ Dr. Estes had not met the magical door openers and busted down the glass ceilings the “gurus” were selling. She now offers to help others unpause their lives and map out their journey to success through mentoring and leadership training with her exclusive Money Mastermind Club.

Whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced entrepreneur this book will propel your personal and business growth.

To learn more about, Dr. Cali Estes, visit https://unpauseyourlife.com

The 7 Key Principles to Tap into the Wealth Inside You: How to Unpause Your Life and Make Success a Reality at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B085Q3PBYK/

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