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Aris Jerahian

An industry leader, an author and a speaker with more than 30 years of client management, marketing and consulting experience. He is the author of "Courage to Change," which aims to help readers improve both their professional and personal lives, and serves as a council member advisor for Gerson Lehrman Group.

As a brand strategist, Aris works on creating valuable consumer relationships to promote engagement. By utilizing the popularity of digital & mobile media, along with the social web, Aris helps companies understand the power of controlling their brand.


How Digital Is Your Marketing

By Aris Jerahian

As the line begins to blur between our online and offline environment, so too does the line between brand awareness. Modern consumers have come to expect a seamless brand experience, where digital marketing merges faultlessly with expectations created by traditional marketing. Digital is no longer an add-on – it’s a necessity. Digital marketing has evolved […]