How eCommerce Is Rapidly Evolving For Marketers

Consumer demands and their behavior is ever-changing and ever-growing. So, in order to keep pace with their expectations, the online market is striving hard to establish themselves in the eyes of their customers.

It has been more than 20 years since the first online deal took place and internet shopping initiated. From then till now, there has been a massive revolution in the market, and the whole scenario is changed. And,according to some ecommerce business plans,  in the near future, you can even expect a flying drone delivering your favorite pizza at your doorstep.

You don’t have to wallop your brains to make a human understand your needs as you will have chat bots to help you with shopping, and customer service.

The latest technology and sharp minds behind every new innovation are bringing upgradations on various levels of modernisations.

The ecommerce industry is making us addicted to all the new stuff with improved findings, logistics, and machinery. The biggest change which has taken the whole marketing scenario with a quick drive is the online shopping. The online shopping sites have made us addicted with their brilliant services and easily accessible products.

Ecommerce websites have totally changed the way we buy things now in 2017. We all understand the value of time being wasted by standing in long queues and then jibber-jabbing on the counters for offers and discounts nor received as mentioned.

Today’s youth believes that time spent is money wasted. The time which you lose by standing in long queues or fighting for discounts and still not getting your preferred stuff can be put to something productive.

The ecommerce industry has influenced the decision-making capacity of the buyers by offering a huge variety of products and services at the doorstep. From the limited hot products sold online to the range of personalized shopping experience, ecommerce has blended the online and offline world by making the retail market more exciting.

Let’s look how ecommerce changed the way we buy things in 2017. How has it reformed the subtleties of marketing, by coming up with original new techniques of doing business along with the customer satisfaction?

Quick Shopping Via Social Platforms

As we all are aware of the influence of social media in our lives, so is the positive impact caused by ecommerce industry. Social platforms have become so powerful that it has changed the overall shopping experience from the customer’s point of view. You can just browse and buy whatever you see on your FB or Instagram page with few swipes.  You have the browse and buy options for in-app urge ordering.

Many ecommerce websites are trying to team up with the services Postmates to resolve the deferred satisfaction issue caused by buying online. Joining hands with advanced services gets products in your hand and add to your shopping experience which is fast and useful.

Also a lot of online ecommerce stores like Shopify came in the market & provided quick solution to build ecommerce stores.

Never-Ending Passage

The ecommerce platform has become an endless aisle where one can buy and sell at the same time. The journey has become more streamlined as more importance is given to policies and framework which works according to the customer-oriented services.

Even dynamic pricing has brought a significant change in the market. You can find more consistent and quality products online than in the retail shops.

The shopping experience is enhanced totally by bridging the gap between the consumer and dealer relationship. 

The more weight is given to B2B ecommerce as it has shown an exponential growth in the present scenario.

One-On-One Communication

In 2017, I have seen a significant change in CRM techniques.

Even a few years back, a customer was not treated in the same way as it is today. The customer has become the top priority, and due to the emerging competition, every customer is dealt on a one-on-one basis.

The strategy is not limited to after sale services from customer care executives, but it now includes an overall experience derived by the customer while visiting the website. Every factor is considered while shopping, may it be the website uptime, the stunning look of the website and management of the landing page.

Any complaints or issues are dealt earnestly with the full motive to solve them there only. Just selling the product is not the ultimate goals of the business, the purpose is to hold back the customer with various techniques like email marketing, surveys, ratings, and reviews, etc.

Super-Fast Delivery Options

We already have the quick delivery option available on every purchase we make, like products available to you in 24 hours. But the ecommerce industry is targeting the super-fast services which will bring your orders faster than what you have thought.

The more pressure is laid on the same day delivery option or few hours’ delivery options. So, even if you forget to buy a gift for your wife, you don’t have to waste your time go for shopping. Just order it in few clicks, and you will get it before the party begins.

So, to give you the fastest access to your orders, Amazon Prime has already started its 24-hour service. The biggest surprise that you might get in the coming time is the product delivery made at your doorstep by a flying drone.

The main painful issues of online shopping, delivery, and return will soon be solved in lesser time.

Mobiles – Are And Will Be Most Wanted

Whenever we talk about technology, gadgets are the first things which pop in our mind. And the most valuable gift of modern technology is the handy smartphones with all the ground-breaking features. Whether it’s 2017 or phone usage will always be on the rise.

If you have noticed from last two years, all the major ecommerce websites have incorporated mobile friendly interface in their websites.

It is because of the huge traffic which one can get on mobiles and not laptops. The mobiles technology is kept first due to its more usability and on-the-go experience.

Complete Move Towards Digitization

At the end of 2017, we will see that there is a total shift towards digitization. Every purchase will be made through mobile-friendly apps. 

The ecommerce sector has also seen a drastic change in its dealings due to digitization. The mobile payments and online payments have given a real boost to the ecommerce industry. The payment system has been streamlined by adding further convenience.

Making payments through an app has increased the revenues and also helped in collecting customer behavior information to lay down the course of action. The ecommerce industry has seen a gradual growth in income due to digitization and will further flourish with more options to explore.

Introduction of Chat Bots

The next drift of digitization will involve making humans familiar with robots. Many big brands like Facebook, Google Allo, Twitter, are bringing together assimilated bots to help the clients with spending, engagement, and consumer service.

This has become the first ecommerce trend which envisages shoppers starting to get acquainted with talking to automatons.

The brands are running tests on the chatbots which are already available to them, but the data is kept classified. We have to see that how the ecommerce industry will be benefited with these machines.

Will these robots assist us in finding the right things from the right place?

If accomplished as planned, then the chatbots will transform the ecommerce completely and take it to the next level of expertise.

Action-Based Approach

That time is gone when the organizations used to take decisions on the basis of old data. That was the trend which was practiced years ago.

Today’s fast moving world searches for new and diverse options to explore, and the industries have to work according to that pace. The real-time data drives to take shrewder decisions and plan more well-organized campaigns based on the modern trends in the market.

The real information helps us to take action based line of attack to add to the extraordinary customer experience.


Therefore, if we go as per the information provided by sources, many veiled robotic projects are under strict supervision and are getting tested at all levels to achieve the purpose of true digitization.

The projects are hidden behind locked doors as many rivals take this as a threat to their jobs.

But overall, the ecommerce industry will definitely be benefitted with more advancements. This technological advancement and automation will make the product and service available to those who have limited access.

Ecommerce is undergoing changes at every level of expansion. The retail world is getting powered by technology, and it depends solely on the creativity that the ecommerce industry plunks in to influence the decision making of the consumer.

So, what do you think about how ecommerce has changed the way we buy things in 2017.

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