7 Ways To Get Attention On Social Media

Every marketer and entrepreneur wants to know the best ways to get attention on social media. Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter are full of potential prospects.  But how you do stand out?

“Being memorable equals getting picked.”

This quote was made popular by Jeffrey Pfeffe, who is a successful author and management expert.

It says everything there is to say about being memorable. You want to be memorable in order to get picked by clients.

This is true whether you are trying to stand out at a business conference, in person or on social media.

Unfortunately, it is especially hard to get attention on social media due to the crowd. But, it isn’t impossible.

Read below for seven general ways to get attention as a person.  Take them and apply them to your social media presence. Thus, successfully expanding your audience:

1.) Speak Up

Yes, listening is important. However, you will never get attention on social media if you don’t speak up, there will be nothing for people to remember about you.

Post frequently or Tweet as this is your way of “speaking up” on social media.

Be reasonable with this, though. Don’t overload your followers.  Strike a balance between long periods of media silence and posting updates every thirty minutes.

Also, make sure that what you say is worth saying, or typing in this case.

2.) Be Honest And a Bit Controversial:

Julian Reisinger is the founder of Lovedlifesolved.com and is a relational and dating  expert. Reisinger says, “People remember extremes, not mediocrity.”

Although we are talking business more so than relationships, the same rules apply. Let your audience know how you feel. Be truthful and share your honest opinion, even if you think it might “offend” someone.

After all, if your social media audience is offended by your opinion, at least they will remember you.

Keep in mind; however, that you don’t want to become so controversial that you push your followers away. That’s why being a “little” controversial is ideal. It’s enough to get you noticed, but not enough to make people mad.

3.)Be Different

Dr. Suess once said, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” 

This quote perfectly exemplifies the importance of standing out, of being different. Be careful not to take this tip too far, though.

Remember, like we just stated, you don’t want to be difficult or overly controversial to the point of becoming argumentative.

Instead, try simply breaking out of your normal talking points. For example, if you are a mechanic, try branching out a bit outside of your common posts.

If you usually post repair posts or links to helpful sites that talk about repairing damage to an engine, instead link to a few fun sites that showcase classic cars or something similar. Branch out. Be different within your niche.

Give your followers a reason to remember you. This will ensure they think of you when it comes time to get your service or product. In other words, your branching out and being a bit different will make you memorable and help get attention on social media.

4.) Consider How You Make People Feel

Maya Angelou once said “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

This piece of advice is applicable to general life as well as your social media presence. Brighten peoples’ day with your links, posts or website.

Be sure to uplift. This can include adding jokes, funny memes or the link to interesting posts. Before you post something, ask yourself if you would enjoy the post.

If you find it uplifting, funny or positive, your followers properly will as well.

5.) Be Confident

Another important element to convey via social media is your confidence. In real life this is exemplified by looking someone in the eye and having proper posture.

Online, you can share videos that allow you to show these characteristics. The point though is to communicate your confidence within your field in some way.

It doesn’t have to be a video. You know what you are doing, and you are the best there is at it. Make sure you communicate this. But, don’t go overboard. You don’t want to come across as in love with yourself or an egomaniac.

Instead, you want to showcase your strengths to your followers. One way you can show your confidence is through well written and helpful content on your site. Link to your site within your post in order to direct your followers to read these articles on your site.

6.) Be an Engaged Listener & Respond Properly

Wait. Didn’t we say earlier to talk, not listen? Well, yes and no. You do need to speak up. However, you also need to listen, and not just listen, but engage.

Doing this on social media is a bit different than doing it in person.

The easiest way is to read the comments your audience posts. Respond to them and engage your followers with your comments. This will show them you care what they think. Journalist Becky Blanton said the following about the importance of being a good listener:

“The most popular and memorable people in the world are those who give us their undivided and full attention.”

It is easy to start typing your response to something before you even take in what someone has posted. Remember, it is hard to convey your true emotions or feelings online.

So, take this into account when you respond to something. You want to engage your followers not incite them to riot.

Take time to read and comprehend what they are saying before you respond, and if you aren’t sure what they mean by something, ask. Then, respond and engage respectfully.

7.) Follow Up:

It is so easy to follow up nowadays, there is really no excuse for not doing so. After all, you can easily drop someone an email or message them on social media. When you meet someone in person, be sure to follow up after the fact.

Also, if you promise something, always produce. Never promise something you can’t back up. Moreover, if someone asks you a question on Facebook, be sure to respond. Of course, to respond to each person’s comment individually can be difficult if not impossible.

However, if you can’t respond to each person, at least make an effort to address the issue that is brought up by your audience.

In many cases, you can take people’s general questions and create a “common questions” section on your website. Then, when someone asks a common question, you can always direct them to your site for more information.

The seven tips listed above will help you get attention on social media and thus become more memorable. Sure, these tips are somewhat geared toward relationships and in person interactions.

However, you can use the principles when building your social media presence for your business. After all, your main goal is to stand out among those within your field by being more engaging and interesting, and these tips will help you achieve the goal to get attention on social media..



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