How to Not Lose Your Best Employees

If you are an entrepreneur, one of your most crucial tasks is to keep your best employees happy. Since, these are the people you count on the most, it would be a shame to happen to lose them. There’s also the added factor of the time and money that it requires to find, train and acquaint someone as a replacement to the employee you lost.

There’s also the chance that the new guy may turn out as a bad choice for your company. As such, it is always wise to avoid the unnecessary hassle and to not lose your star employees in the first place. Before I started college, I was becoming quite overburdened by freelancing as a writer and didn’t quite have the time to spend blogging at a regular pace at my blogs TechSavvy and WinSavvy, so I hired some of my friends on a pay-per-post basis.

However, being the kind of bossy creature that I am, I soon lost all of them as my employees (fortunately not as my friend though!). With that, I realized, keeping your employees happy is of prime importance, if one, as an entrepreneur wants success.

Therefore, here are some sure-fire way to make them feel accepted and to keep them happy working for your firm or business.

1. Reward them and don’t let them stagnate

The most major factor that can lead your employees to quit is the fear of stagnation. Nobody likes to toil for hours on end without expecting for a reward. Not recognizing or appreciating their efforts can lead them to quit your company. Even if you are constrained by a tight and small budget, a little appreciation can go a long way.

Also, nurture their thought that they can rise to the top of the company if they put in the right effort. Everyone likes to have an aim. And your employees are no exception. If they can rise through their career in a timely manner that relates to the effort they put in, you are sure to keep them happy and motivated to work for you.

2. Have Trust among and for your Employees

If there’s no trust among your employees or if they don’t trust you, you are on the road to failure. If you cheat your customers, or lie to other share holders or team mates, your reputation will be spread too thin. Your employees will also not want to work for someone whom they can’t trust. After all, they never know whether or not you will cheat them.

Now, the opposite matters too. If you don’t trust your employees, you would become a rather horrible boss. After all, nobody wants to work with someone, who overlooks and scrutinizes each and everything they do. Also, your mistrust may slow down the overall speed at which your employees can perform. Your employees will become hesitant to take risks, offer innovative ideas and their overall creativity will take a plunge downwards.

It is understandable that you may want to do it for the overall safety and security of your business but it is very important that you don’t cross over the thin line, where employees feel that you don’t trust them.

3. Make their Voice Count

You should never just order your employees to do something and not listen to them. What you should do, is ask them for their opinions on the matter too. If your employees feel that their opinions, ideas and thoughts actually count, they will be happy to give their best. If not, they will feel unwanted, and this may lead them to quit.

4. Don’t Overwork them

Since they are your best employees, it is understandable that you count on them the most. But it is rather unwise to overwork them and not respect their personal boundaries. If you constantly keep on increasing their workload, after sometime, they will quit.

You should respect their limits and not call them up at odd hours of the day or when they are at leave, or else they may resent and even hate their job, leading them to quit.


While, you may have the purest of intentions, employees are not much outspoken when they are facing a problem at the workplace and more so when it is their boss who is the source of the problem. They keep on with the task at hand, hoping that the situation will get better. And, when the situation doesn’t get better, they become unsatisfied and quit their jobs.

So if you want to retain your best employees and keep them happy and productive, you should work on following these four simple advises.

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