Is YouTube Good Or Bad Influence On Society?

YouTube, one of the fastest forms of viewed content online, has been instrumental in propelling the adoption of technology across several sectors. YouTube has evolved from being just an ordinary site for videos. For most of us, it has become the first point of contact for any information or how-to tutorials we need. This article takes a look at the good and bad influence of YouTube on the society.

The Good

How-to Tutorials

As a matter of fact, no one knows it all. YouTube has created a platform for various individuals from all works of life to share helpful ideas, suggestions, and tutorials on the best and easiest way to solve a problem. The how-to tutorials on YouTube can offer you a step-by-step guide on how to carry out a task you have no knowledge about. Life hacks can be all you need to get yourself out of a jam. When it comes to knowledge sharing, skill acquisition, and problem-solving, YouTube can be your go-to online platform.

Technology Review

Apps, software, gadgets, and mobile devices, for instance, has widely benefited from YouTube. Thousands of videos are made available to discuss about various phones, software, laptops, hacks, and apps in order to provide content to those who are less familiar with the topic. Various YouTube channels have helped in providing the most comprehensive information on various apps, gadget, and software through reviews.

The Bad

Notwithstanding the good things that YouTube has contributed to the society, and its live-saving, problem-solving capabilities, it has also been a bad influence on a certain aspect of the society. Private videos, rape, crime, death, and lots of other embarrassing videos can be uploaded to YouTube. Filming and sharing contents like these online is an infringement of the person’s private life.

Lastly is the issue of bystanders. In the drive for views and follows, individuals care more about filming any of these unfortunate event mentioned above rather than trying to help. Imagine filming or taking photos of a person in danger instead of helping out or doing something about the current situation. This may not be good enough.

There you have it! The above are some of the roles YouTube has played in the society we live in today. I now put forward the question to you: Has YouTube influenced you in a good or bad way?

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