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Jodi Vetterl Author of Beyond The Banks Gives Back by Offering a Free Copy of Her Book to Help Those Retire From the Corporate Rat Race by Learning Proven Strategies as a Private Lender in Real Estate

Jodi Vetterl turns the idea of financial freedom upside down, providing the simple how-to guide on investing in real estate with ease. Financial freedom is no longer a myth or for retired pensioners or for the elite. Vetterl reveals how the banks became the most profitable companies and how following their methods of lending can change your life. Take a look at the banks, and then look beyond the banks to break out of the rat race by taking control of your own financial destiny.

Jodi Vetterl retired in her mid-40’s from her 20-year career in high-tech software sales by investing passively in the real estate market. After realizing her investments with the banks were not growing—even though her financial advisor was making money whether she did or not—she had had enough. Jodi set out on a quest to educate herself with alternative investment opportunities that allowed for simple self-management, achieved accelerated growth, and made sense. Now she is sharing the strategies she learned in her new book.

Beyond the Banks: Success Strategies in Real Estate as a Private Lender’ challenges the global financial industry and how they win with their customers’ hard-earned money—more than the customers do. Using the strategies in the book, investors can plan, build, and design their own financial success by learning how to find and analyze the right opportunities and perform due diligence that will weed out the “too good to be true deals”, and ultimately provide a restful sleep. 

For a limited time, Vetterl is offering a FREE downloadable version of ‘Beyond the Banks: Success Strategies in Real Estate as a Private Lender’. 

Visit www.jodivetterl.com or contact Vetterl at Jodi@jodivetterl.com.

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