Link Building: How to Get Links That Work?

Link building is a very important process that allows you to acquire links on other websites. Earned naturally, these links can boost your site’s reputation and they will help you boost your ranking in search engines as well.

It’s important to ensure that the links you build are natural and Google doesn’t believe that you are manipulating the algorithm.

How can you do link building that works?

Reciprocal linking is helpful, but make sure that you don’t do that excessively. On top of that, it’s important to opt for guest posting or article marketing, as this gives links to your site fast and easy.

You can also opt for integrating your site in various web directories, but here you should try to choose the one that actually connects to your business. You want links towards directories that are relevant to your industry and which are informative to your audience.

Do not buy links, because you never know what you get, and this may harm your SEO.

Ask for backlinks from people you know

This may seem like the simplest thing to do, but it works very well, and that’s what matters. Talk with relatives, friends, clients, colleagues, anyone that has a website. Ask them for a backlink to your site and tell them that you will help with a backlink too. Granted, you will need someone that works in the same niche if you want the best results. But still, it’s a start, and it can help you a lot.

Start networking

Yes, networking is very helpful for link building. People that connect with others in their industry can easily generate a lot more natural links that they expect. The reason is simple, other people that pertain to the same industry also want their link database to grow, so they are always open to such an exchange.

Create a separate blog

Instead of adding a blog to your site, you can create a separate blog. The results are pretty much impressive, as long as you don’t stop at having a single blog post there. Write content often and link to your blog as much as you can. Now, everybody visiting the blog is likely to follow back either for more information, leaving a comment, or connecting with the company for services. To get more, you can also target other sites in the industry by requesting them to share the content with their users. A creative marketer would also reach top influencers for assistance to create high value posts. These are posts that attract a lot of interest from a lot of people. When carefully done and marketed, they can easily go viral.

Write a testimonial on a website

The crucial aspect here is to write a testimonial on a site that pertains to the industry you want to rank on. The best thing here is that most websites are allowing you to add your social and website links with a testimonial. This gives credibility to the testimonial, but it will also help you get a backlink too, so everyone is a winner here.

Use the best link building tools

Not a lot of people use software created specifically for link building. There are a lot of tools designed to help you build backlinks. Using them won’t have any effect on your ranking if anything goes wrong, but if you use them properly, you can easily boost your ranking in no time.

Some good examples here include the Common Backlinks too, Link Juice Thief, Backlink Profiles, SERPT Research Tool and many others. You can easily find your own trustworthy link building tool. The idea here is to do a trial and error test to see which one is helpful and easy to use for you. Usually, each one of these tools comes with its features and benefits so that it may work for specific industries.

Create and share infographics

Infographics are very informative, and the best part about them is that people always link to the original. If you want to get links, you just out the infographic on your website and that’s it. The idea is that more and more people will start generating links towards you, as they integrate your infographic on their site. It’s a nice way to generate backlinks naturally, and the nicest thing is that it helps you get a lot of exposure too.

A good example of this is a company in fitness niche trying to build quality links. By creating a high-quality infographic and asking marketers in the fitness and medical niche to share it, a lot of links will start flowing to your site. Besides, you can also use an infographic as a guest post and funnel all the links to your website.

Write great newsletters

Not a lot of companies know how crucial it is to have the best newsletters out there. Writing quality newsletters is very helpful because once people like the content, they will share it. As a result, you can get lots of links towards your site. However, to boost the overall efficiency, you should include a call to action button and maybe some freebies to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

Rue La La, a fashion company, launched their new marketing methods, Rue Now and a Newsletter that targeted delivering great content to win more clients and growing authority links. When these marketing channels were promoted on social media, the company managed to maintain a regular flow of new clients and many links. To succeed in building links using newsletters, it is important to be very specific about the target audience. In the case of Rue La La, the focus was direct clients, companies in the fashion industry, and institutions.

Post Press Releases on PR sites

Press releases are always great for people that want to generate links naturally and with great success. The idea here is that you get to have a lot of backlinks if you post the press release on a variety of PR sites. You can get 3 premium press release here for $99 that have solid backlinks from TV affiliate sites.

If you can find some websites that pertain solely to your industry, then this can boost the overall efficiency of the entire process quite a bit.

Write long content that is meaningful and well-researched

Let’s face it; people will always link to content that’s well-written, meaningful and which has a lot of great research put into it.

Even the best websites out there will acknowledge the existence of your article/content if you write something that delivers on its promise.

The idea is to focus on quality and value here; then you can get some outstanding results in no time. It will be worth it in the end.

As a tip, make sure that you create research papers, case studies, reviews and even comparisons. These are great content types that are widely shared online.

Use Listicles to get your content viral

Listicles, or simply put articles that focus on showcasing a list, are particularly popular online. In fact, if your article title has a number in its name, you can end up generating a lot more leads and shares. That’s a very good thing to keep in mind here.

Aside from that, lists are also very informative for your audience, and they can end up bringing your audience all the info that it needs, without any issues.

Create a giveaway

This is an old school method of getting links. You can easily create a giveaway nowadays; there are lots of platforms that can host your giveaway if you want.

The benefit is that you can link to your site this way. And yes, people will also share your giveaway too, something that will surely benefit your website in the long term. Do not forget to ask them to share the content with their close friends especially on social media.

One great example that successfully uses giveaways is The Fifth Watches. On 5th of Every Month, the company runs a promo giveaway.

One of the conditions for those who enter the promo is tagging a friend.

Now, imagine about 100 people tag two friends each every month. The links will keep growing arithmetically every month. This will go hand in hand with elevated conversions.

Launch a scholarship

If you can get .edu or .gov links, they will help you a lot. In order to do that, you can launch a scholarship. You are offering to pay the tuition for one or more students. One requirement would be to put a link to your website on the student’s blog or university website.

This will net you that much-needed .gov or .edu link, and the more students will enter this task, the better the result you can get. Note that this might only work for sites that deal with college-related products or services.

However, you only need to get creative to draw meaning for scholarships even outside the education realms. If your company has set aside some money to sponsor students, think of running an inter-colleges contest. Most of the visitors will see the link from different colleges so that all the links will have an .edu link.

List your site on the local library website

You can donate to the local library if you want, and you can get yourself some links from an established institution. This can help you a lot with your local SEO. Because the libraries are public places, people who add authority content are sure of enjoying sustained link generation.

Here, the target is penning top-notch content that solves issues affecting the target audience. Remember that just like blogging, you need to progressively contribute to the local library.

Start answering questions on Yahoo Answers and Quora

There are a lot of people that post questions on these websites, and they will surely need your help. By replying to them, you create the best opportunity to generate links naturally, and the results that you can receive this way are amazing, to say the least.

Here, the secret is narrowing to questions that are attracting a lot of visitors, say 5000, and providing highly relevant answers.

Most of the answers require expounding with data, graphs, and related statics. This means that visitors will not simply come to you, but link juice will buttress to other authority sites.

Post links to your website on social bookmarking platforms

Reddit is the primary platform that comes into play here. It works amazingly well, and Reddit has a massive exposure to the online world.

It all comes down to finding the right subreddit for you. Or you can start creating your subreddit, and that will help you gain even more exposure if the topic is a successful one.

Add your link on various forums

If you are active in the industry forums, make sure that you add a link to your profile or your signature.

The best part here is that important forums can give you a lot of exposure and at the same time they can boost your SEO.

Do try and post solely relevant and quality comments, as that’s the most important aspect to have here.

Review products on Amazon

Whenever you can, try to review products on Amazon and put a link right under your name. The idea is to review stuff that pertains to your industry, and which actually makes sense for you to tackle. As long as you have the right amount of patience, you will see that Amazon can generate some amazing links, so try to keep that in mind.

Make sure to provide a link to your page for visitors to follow. You can also invite other product users to share details of the product. Do not forget to follow those visitors who link back to build the site’s authority.

Build a tool collection

And yes, if you can, share that for free. People love tool collections, especially if they can help eliminate some of the overall nuisances you encounter with the day to day tasks. More and more people will share a link to your site if you create a tool collection. This way you can create some relevant links without a lot of effort.

In the end, link building is not that tricky to perform. It all comes down to having the right ideas and posting your content on locations that deliver relevant links.

Also, harness each one of the opportunities listed above. Your focus has to be on getting links from a prestigious website, but don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself as first.

You have to start somewhere, so start exchanging links with others, and then focus on creating relevant and high-quality content.

Links will surely follow, and the high Google rank will come with those as well!

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