Reno Hive Coworking Space founder, Tabitha Schneider, is currently running for Reno Mayor in 2022.

When asked about her decision to run for Mayor of Reno, Tabitha said: “I love living in this city and want to see it succeed. I have a passion for helping others and creating opportunities for them to succeed. As the founder of Reno Hive Coworking Space, I have been able to help 100’s of small businesses thrive in the community. I believe that if we can bring our small businesses together, we can do anything! That’s why I am running for Mayor of Reno.”

Reno Hive Coworking Space is a vibrant and dynamic center that hosts over 100 small local businesses and has become one of the most successful coworking spaces in the country. Since its inception in 2018, the space has helped many local entrepreneurs get their start-up off the ground by providing them with office space, marketing tools and mentorship programs.

As Mayor, Tabitha will bring her experience, vision and leadership to the town she loves dearly. She has made Reno her home since 2006 and has been working tirelessly to make this city better every day through her work at Reno Hive Coworking Space.

If transparency, integrity and honesty are qualities you want to bring back to The Biggest Little City in the World, then vote for Tabitha!

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