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Your Brand Is An Expression Of What You Do, Not What You Say

By Dave Wakeman

If I’m any indication of the general tone of the marketing and branding conversation as a whole, there has been a renewed emphasis and attention to the concept of branding and brand building lately. I recently received an email from Chris Brogan that talked about having no choice but to be a brand. I saw a […]


Brand, Align, Influence and Position

By David Birchall
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Dave first brought the interest in Small Businesses to the Universities of Lancaster, Salford and Central Lancashire by creating workshops and selling them to the Universities with Development funding from UK Gov.

Was a Policy Adviser for Federation of Small Businesses on Education, Training and Business Development appearing on Government Select Committee Hearings for the FSB.

He is now working with the Lake District National Park Authority Business Task Force in helping to deliver inclusion and benefits from the newly formed English Lakes World Heritage project.

Enjoys holding sessions with owner managers on developing their branding and marketing methodologies for being noticed and winning customers.
David Birchall
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Branding is so important in today’s business world, no matter what you do. Creating a brand explains who you are and what you do quickly to potential customers. Your brand is what you do, what you believe in and aspire to through your products and services for the benefit of your customers. Your brand must […]