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The 5 Worst Social Media Tips Of All Time

By Aris Jerahian
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An industry leader, an author and a speaker with more than 30 years of client management, marketing and consulting experience. He is the author of "Courage to Change," which aims to help readers improve both their professional and personal lives, and serves as a council member advisor for Gerson Lehrman Group.

As a brand strategist, Aris works on creating valuable consumer relationships to promote engagement. By utilizing the popularity of digital & mobile media, along with the social web, Aris helps companies understand the power of controlling their brand.

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Many people claim to be social media “experts.” Just because someone has built a large following on social media, does not make him a social media expert. It does not also make him an experienced social media marketer. As a true social media professional, I have gathered together all the wrong information that is being […]


Five Ways To Leverage Testimonials For More Sales

By Sarit Lotem
Sarit Lotem is a web design and marketing expert, and Amazon bestselling author. She is the owner and CEO of
Sarit helps business owners and entrepreneurs to transform their websites from an online flyer to a lead generating machine. With more than 10 years of experience, Sarit has worked with hundreds of clients and has been featured in various business magazines such as the Huffington Post, Forbes, Chicago Tribune, and 
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Last week I received a raving testimonial from one of my clients. Most business owners when they get a testimony or a good review, the only place they put it is on the “Testimonials” page, which is fine but not enough to attract new business. In this article, I want to show you five more ways to leverage […]