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The Only Way Out of Your Rut Is Up

By David Birchall
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Dave first brought the interest in Small Businesses to the Universities of Lancaster, Salford and Central Lancashire by creating workshops and selling them to the Universities with Development funding from UK Gov.

Was a Policy Adviser for Federation of Small Businesses on Education, Training and Business Development appearing on Government Select Committee Hearings for the FSB.

He is now working with the Lake District National Park Authority Business Task Force in helping to deliver inclusion and benefits from the newly formed English Lakes World Heritage project.

Enjoys holding sessions with owner managers on developing their branding and marketing methodologies for being noticed and winning customers.
David Birchall
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Some of you may have heard of the old saying that… “A Rut is a Grave Without Front and Rear Ends. (One continuous trench)” Yes, we all seem to find our own Rut at some point in our working life and with some of us in other parts of our lives. Sometimes extricating yourself from […]


The 5 Worst Social Media Tips Of All Time

By Aris Jerahian
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An industry leader, an author and a speaker with more than 30 years of client management, marketing and consulting experience. He is the author of "Courage to Change," which aims to help readers improve both their professional and personal lives, and serves as a council member advisor for Gerson Lehrman Group.

As a brand strategist, Aris works on creating valuable consumer relationships to promote engagement. By utilizing the popularity of digital & mobile media, along with the social web, Aris helps companies understand the power of controlling their brand.

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Many people claim to be social media “experts.” Just because someone has built a large following on social media, does not make him a social media expert. It does not also make him an experienced social media marketer. As a true social media professional, I have gathered together all the wrong information that is being […]


Avoiding Ghost Followers on Instagram

By Joel Joseph

Joel Vicent Joseph is also known as Mr Puaz is a Writer, Artist/Talent Manager, and Entrepreneur. He is the Founder of Puaz Brand and Puaz Shop. Joel writes about Digital Marketing, Entertainment & career Success. 



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Instagram has more than 700M+ monthly active users. It is now the place where companies and personal brand are looking into grow and increase visibility. Building your personal brand via Instagram platform is very important. People would like to know more about you, get to interact with you and sometimes try to share opinions direct […]


7 Channels for Building Your Personal Brand

By Mario Peshev
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Digital Consultant and a CEO of DevriX - a leading enterprise WordPress agency. A former engineer turned manager gained marketing chops on the way. Featured on Forbes, HuffPost, Entrepreneur, Inc., Apple News, Business 2 Community.

Spent over 10,000 hours in training, coaching, and consulting for organizations such as CERN, Saudi Aramco, VMware, SAP (to name a few). Providing digital consulting to SME and fast-paced startup owners and manager generating $5M - $100M in revenue.

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Bringing more revenue to the table is a pressing problem for each and every business out there. Companies and solopreneurs experiment with content marketing, paid ads, press releases, and various forms of offline exposure. At the end of the day, revenue requires traffic and visitors look for validation. Building your personal brand as a consultant […]