The 4-Step Process for Performing Better Under Pressure By Getting “Emotionally Neutral” By Jake Rauchbach

Whether you are an athlete, entrepreneur, parent, and/or working professional, finding a way to thrive under pressure is vital for a happy, healthy, and successful life. Unlocking the best version of yourself more consistently is what handling pressure is all about.

Wilson said, “as athletes, we train the body, we train ourselves to be able to run faster, throw farther, jump higher, and do these different things but why don’t we train our mind?” This same question holds for us mere mortals. Why don’t we train our minds to perform under pressure, and if we did, how would we do this?

There is a key for getting into a mental space conducive for performing well under pressure. Wilson says, “You got to know how to shift to neutral.”

Enter Emotional Neutrality.

Emotional neutrality – It is a state in which your mind and body go into a non-reactive mode. No matter what is transpiring outside of yourself, you remain as a detached observer, not allowing the volatility of emotions to disrupt your inner balance. In this space, true brilliance lies.

Now, even if you are not a Super Bowl Champion, you too can learn how to thrive under pressure. According to Wilson, “Mindset is a skill, it can be taught and learned.”

Below is an easy 4-step process that you can learn today, to teach yourself how to succeed under pressure.

Step 1: Get Present Moment Through Observation!

Accessing high-performance in pressure situations all starts with engaging in your present moment. I mean the present moment that you are sitting in right now! When you are in your present moment more often, you are less likely to be swept up in the internal emotions of your past or the outside whirlwind of your everyday life. Sometimes, this sounds too simple to be effective, but observation is EVERYTHING.

By simply observing your routine experiences, like washing dishes, taking out the trash, and even driving to work, you directly train your brain to be emotionally neutral in all situations in life, not just the mundane ones. This means that when the pressure starts to escalate at work, with family, or with your finances, you should begin to more easily find poise and performance when it matters most.

Step 2: Use Your Breathe

As you go throughout your daily routine, employing your observation skills, begin also using breathing as a way to move energy. For millennia, breath work has been used to heal and transform. When you combine observation and breathe together you begin to supercharge your mind’s ability to remain emotionally neutral. Emotional neutrality breeds more neutrality, which in turn provides you the chance to perform better. You must walk before you run, thus using both of these techniques when the pressure is not on helps to influence your ability to be poised and effective when it is.

A great way to do this is to take 10 deep breaths. Breathe In through the nose and out through the mouth, slowly and calmly observing your breath as you do so. Repeat this technique 3-5 times throughout the day.

Step 3: Focus

It is much easier to mentally focus when you are absorbed in your present moment. As you employ observation and breath work, also begin to consciously place your attention or focus on the activities that you are engaging in daily. This will begin to further train your mind to remain relaxed but focused, also known as being emotionally neutral.

As you get better at this, apply this method to situations that elicit more stress, for example, the important sales calls, client meetings, the dreaded workout, or even the family situation that produces unwanted feelings of, ”Get me out of here!”

Observation, breath work and mental focus drive your ability to remain emotionally neutral. Your emotional neutrality gives the chance to hack those pressure-packed moments so that you can thrive.

Step 4: Trust Your Work

This last step is so important! As you implement the first three tools and do so regularly, know that you are taking the steps required to succeed when the pressure is on.

Just like Wilson, who rigorously trains before stepping on the field under the bright lights, you too will be doing the same. Training your mind to remain neutral through deliberate observation, breathing, and focus techniques boosts your probability for emotional neutrality during life’s most pressure-filled moments. Implement this process every day until you are excellent at remaining poised in the important moment. Getting to neutral, and staying there, is what separates the good from the great, and can give you the chance to experience performance excellence.

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