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The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Messenger Ads

With two billion messages on Facebook Messenger sent between people and businesses each month and 53% of people willing to buy from a company they can directly message Facebook Messenger, Facebook Messenger ads are one of the best ways to leverage the popularity and convenience of the app to generate more brand awareness and revenue.

If you need a rundown of what Facebook Messenger ads exactly are, the different types of Facebook Messenger ads you can leverage, and some of the best Facebook Messenger ads that can inspire your own, read on.

Facebook Messenger Ad Types and Examples

Sponsored Messages

Sponsored messages are ads that show up in your chat box with brands. As a brand, you can only send a sponsored message to people who have already messaged you. Sending sponsored messages are ideal for re-engaging people who’ve lost touch with you on Facebook Messenger, nurturing your engaged audience members, and up-selling existing customers.

Facebook Messenger Sponsored Messages

Image Credit: Facebook

In Jasper’s Market’s sponsored message, they entice their audience with an attention-grabbing first line. “Great news!” sparks their curiosity and “For a limited time…” leverages the scarcity principle, triggering a sense of urgency to potentially take advantage of their deal before it’s too late.

Once people click through to their ad, Jasper’s Market also makes it easier for people to use their coupon by providing them with their stores’ location and hours inside Facebook Messenger.

Destination Ads

Like most Facebook ads, a destination ad shows up in your newsfeed. But, unlike most Facebook ads, if you click on a destination ad, the brand will send you a message on Facebook messenger, usually aiming to start a conversation with you rather than convincing you to take their desired action.

Facebook Messenger Destination Ads

Image Credit: MobileMonkey

In MobileMonkey’s destination ad, they offer people a quick and easy guide to building a chatbot without any coding knowledge. Their copy clearly and concisely states their guide’s benefits and their call-to-action, “Type: ‘Send Me the Secrets’”, further persuades to send them a message to access their guide.

Home Screen Ads

Home screen ads are like display ads in your Facebook Messenger inbox. Even though they can seem intrusive, a relevant home screen ad can attract positive attention.

Image Credit: AdEspresso

For example, in Original Coast Clothing’s home screen ad, they create urgency for their fall favorites and entice people to click through to their ad by highlighting how spending over $20 on a single purchase will get you free shipping.

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