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What Is Marketing Management? A 1-Minute Rundown

As marketers, we all want to climb the career ladder as quickly as possible. But if you really want to become a marketing manager one day, you first need to learn what the role demands.

Below, we’ll go over what exactly marketing management is, a marketing manager’s average salary, and the education and skills you need to become one. Read on to learn more about marketing management.

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Marketing Manager Salary

According to over 43,500 salaries submitted to Glassdoor, the average salary for a marketing manager working in the United States is $81,078.

Required Education

Most companies require all of their marketing professionals to at least have a bachelor’s degree, but since the marketing industry adapts so quickly, companies don’t necessarily require their marketers or marketing managers to have specialized degrees in specific fields.

However, there is one requirement needed to become a marketing manager — a three-to-five year track record of consistently performing to your potential and achieving your goals. If you want to become a marketing manager one day, your performance as an individual contributor matters more than anything.

For instance, if you aspire to manage your company’s blog team, you need to prove that you’ve been able to consistently write quality content and meet your manager’s expectations.

Required Skills

As an individual contributor, your hard skills are crucial for crushing your job, but as a manager, your soft skills are most important — the majority of your time is spent leading initiatives, gauging and handling your colleagues’ emotions, and figuring out how to simultaneously serve your team’s and employees’ needs.

So, in order to succeed as a marketer manager, you need to be humble, empathetic, adaptable, rewarding, transparent, a great communicator, and have subject matter expertise.

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