What’s your podcast about?

This is the moment, right here and right now, to start your podcast.

Not because it will make you rich. Hardly. There are too many other ways for people to spend their attention for you (or me) to possibly assemble a large enough audience to make a killing selling ads.

There are three good reasons to start a podcast now:

  1. You have something to share, and a podcast is a great way to share it. It gives you a microphone and a platform to say what’s on your mind, to generously share what you know.
  2. It will connect you. A podcast connects you to those you interview, and it also connects you to the listeners who have enrolled in the journey with you. Drip by drip, your narrative has a chance to resonate.
  3. A podcast helps you think more clearly. When you know you need to talk about something you care about, you’ll work to make your thinking more accessible and cogent–and because it’s spoken, not written, you may very well get past that block we were taught in third grade.

Over the last year and a half, Alex DiPalma and I have offered the Podcasting Fellowship, an Akimbo workshop that helps people find their podcasting footing. (Alex is the producer of my podcast and many others). Nearly 1,000 people have been through our Podcasting workshop, and it works. Our alumni have created thousands of hours of material, including at least one iTunes Top 10 podcast.

We’re running it for a fourth time, because this is the best moment to begin.

Enrollment starts today. I hope you’ll check it out at the link below. Look for the purple circle today to save a few dollars.

The Podcasting Fellowship

Seth Godin

Seth Godin

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