The 5 Worst Social Media Tips Of All Time

Many people claim to be social media “experts.”

Just because someone has built a large following on social media, does not make him a social media expert. It does not also make him an experienced social media marketer.

As a true social media professional, I have gathered together all the wrong information that is being passed out there about social media marketing which is all erroneous.

I have also taken my time to explain why all those information is wrong. The chances are that they’ll assist you and guide you on how to stay away from misunderstanding advice like that.

1. A trainee can be great at social media marketing.

This is not to say that all trainees are fakes or inexperienced. There are definitely good ones among them but being a social media marketer is much more than merely creating great visuals.

To be a good social media marketer, you must know practical and effective social media strategies that can yield a result and as well be able to analyze, test and coordinate what is actually happening in a way that a trainee who’s merely starting off in the field may not have knowledge about.

Trainees will be away from the current trends and may come up with innovative ideas. They’ll know what is popular among their peers, but their knowledge would work better if they are merged together with the well established and experienced social media marketer to get the most benefits out of it. Weigh up the capability of your intern and take that into consideration when assigning them tasks.

2. Publish numerous posts in a day.

This is certainly one of the most terrible pieces of advice out there. The circumstances surrounding different businesses differ from one another and what counts is the quality of posts instead of the quantity. One quality post can provide a better engagement than 10 crappy posts that add no value.

It is okay to post quite a few times a week to uphold your presence and create brand awareness. However, you need to try out differing posting frequencies and examine what the responses of your audience are.

A number of followers would be okay with lots of posts while a few of them will not. The only way you can tell what works best is to make effective use of your analytic tool.

3. Register your presence on all available social media platform.

A number of social media marketers advise their clients to have active profiles on many social media platforms. Thus, businesses struggle to get involved in practically every social media outlet they could lay their hands on out there. However, being on all social media outlet is simply not essential for a number of businesses.

Try good numbers of social media outlets. Manage your account on them for some time and track your success in all of them. After that, stick with the social media platforms that you have the most followers. Minimizing the number of networks and concentrating on a few ones you are doing well on will help you to be more efficient.

4. Link all your social media accounts.

Another non-popular social media advice expert gives to businesses is to link all their social media accounts. This seems a great idea theoretically, but practically, it may not work as you think.

The manner of communication in each of the social media outlets differs; different platforms with a different audience and different formats. When you link your profiles, you’ll find it difficult to make use of all the unique features that come with each of the platforms.

The message can be the same, however, take the time to adjust how you speak with your audience on each platform.

If you have the need to link your social profiles, ensure you consider the factors existing in all the networks you want to link to. Remember to check on the maximum word counts, the messaging, and hashtag use.

5. No need to have a strategy.

Another, awful advice that you can get out there from social media experts is that you don’t need to have a specific marketing strategy. Social media with a strategy invites frustration and disappointment.

If others were successful to gather massive followership without making use of a strategy, it doesn’t explicitly mean that you too will succeed that way. Although it is possible, things don’t always work that way.

Develop a social media marketing strategy. It doesn’t have to be complicated. It is better to have a plan to enable you to measure your success at the end of the day. Additionally, it will as well help you to figure out the detail that will make your brand rise above your competition. It also means that you don’t just post any content out there, but any post you are publishing is meant to achieve a certain goal.

Building a great social media profile takes a huge amount of time dedication and patience. Sometimes, it may require a bit of ad money. Be careful who you are receiving advice from when it comes to your social media profiles. If you are not sure, then ask questions, conduct your research and don’t forget to reach out to true social media experts.

Before you hand over a penny to a social media guru, politely listen to what they have to say, then do your homework and analyze their results. There is no immediate results – take your time and partner with the correct social media expert to help your business.


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